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Problem with iOS update (8.3) and external GPS devices
Posted by Robert Taylor on 11 May 2015 11:17 AM

iOS update 8.3 might cause issues with some older external (Bluetooth) GPS devices!

Problems have been seen with

  • Dual GPS 150
  • Bad Elf Pro (original)

The issue is related to apps not being fed positioning data via Location Services after the update.

The issue will affect all apps which rely on positioning data. You may find that the device manufacturer's app works fine as well.

If you have not updated yet, you might want to hold off until Apple releases an update for the update.

Newer external GPS devices do not seem to be affected.

iPads with internal GPS circuits (SIM card equipped models) do not have any issues either.

If you suspect that you have an affected device, contact the device manufacturer for support / information.



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